Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool 8

Unfortunately I will not be receiving any of the devices mentioned because I am in the CATE department and I already have a COW for my PLTW course.  I am very familiar with all the of the different types of hardware that each classroom will be receiving so I didn't learn anything about them.  I will say that many teachers are going to be pulling their hair out when they plan on using a flash based  website with iPads or iPods.  Unfortunately Apple views flash as an antiquated technology compared to html5 so be warned.  The easiest way to begin management with your class and the hardware is to assign a piece of hardware to each student at the beginning of the year and keep it that way so they are responsible.  I have to have a laptop for each of my GTT students so they have to make sure that they maintain it and that the have quick access to their server folder.  This also helps during boot up because any new login account on any device that requires a login takes forever because the device has to upload the account data from the district servers and then create that account locally on the device.  Since my GTT class is based around the usage of the laptops I don't have any management issues.

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