Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool 7

Gateway To Technology

Content Objective:  The students will collaborate with another GTT class by working on an engineering design of a chair by interacting online to use Autodesk Inventor to draft other students' designs while the other students draft my students designs.

Implementation:  I plan to implement this idea during the 1st 9 weeks when my GTT students must go through the design process and create a working CAD drawing of their design during the 2nd 9 weeks.

Tools:  Google Docs (word processing), Skype, SketchUp, Email, Autodesk Inventor

Description:  GTT students must understand how to work through the design process as an engineer.  One of their first design tasks is to create a design of a classroom chair given certain guidelines and constraints from their client (another class or myself).  They must have discussions with their client and come up with detailed sketches to present to their client before creating working drawing for manufacturing.  Once their designs are approved they must create a working set of drawings by using the CAD software Autodesk Inventor.  In this project the students will use another classroom as their client and vice versa.  They will have to report to each other in paired groups to finalize their designs and submit working drawings to each other.

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