Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool 10

The things that I would like my students to know about being good digital citizens is that the internet is not a place to bully or ostricize others, especially on Facebook, posting lewd pictures can put you in all sorts of bad situations, and lastly whatever you put on the internet stays there forever because it is archived.  I see my students spend way to much time on Facebook and talking about posts on Facebook.  I have even seen some of their pages and they clearly don't know or care about the repercussions of what they post.  I would definitely want to let my students' parents know that they should talk with their kids and patrol them to prevent them from making serious mistakes that can affect them right now and years into the future.  I would probably use the iSafe program to go through some of the issues that students should be aware of while using technology.  I think the best way to teach kids about digital citizenship, at least from the Facebook perspective that is most common is to pull up students pages in class and have them feel a little uncomfortable about the fact that everyone in the room including the teacher is looking at all their business.  It would probably be a good idea to simply google their names on the screen to show how much personal information comes up.  Telling kids doesn't do anything in my opinion when it comes to netiquette.  They have to see their mistakes from a different perspective to make them realize some of the problems that can arise from their online presence.

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